Easy-Dent Dental Center

Nowadays everyone is aware that regular dental check-ups (two appointments per year) are essential for having a healthy lifestyle.
Neglected indentation is not only an aesthetic and hygienic problem, but it can cause serious inflammation in our digestive system as well.
However, most people are afraid of, or at least anxious about dental treatments. The reason of that is usually a bad experience from childhood. With my colleagues we are keen on changing this. When arranging the interior of our surgery we payed attention to create a pleasant, cosy and frienldy environment. Dental treatments are painless, and done in a relaxed atmosphere with music in the background. Hygiene is of primary importance in our surgery. All the tools and equipments are disposable, sterile, or sterilized in dry-heat sterilizer or autoclave. The dental surgery and the waiting room are air-conditioned. In all cases, dentists and dental assistants wear protective equipments adequate for the intervention. All the dental treatments are performed under anaesthesia. Appointments are made on the phone, thus waiting time is minimal. Making a health check-up and dental treatment plan is free in our surgery. We wait for your application!

26 Pusztaszeri Street, Szeged | +36 (62) 451-567 |