Easy-Dent Dental Center

The majority of people are afraid of, or at least anxious about dental treatments. It is often a result of bad experience usually from childhood. Along with my colleagues our aim is to change this. Commodity, cosiness, and friendliness were some of the main aspects when arranging our office. Dental treatments are painless, taking place in a relaxed atmosphere with background music. Hygiene is primarily important, all the equipment, and instruments are disposable, or sterialized in thermal sterialization or autoclave.  The clinic is air-conditioned. Dentists and dental assistants always wear a suitable protective equipment, The treatments are carried out under local anaesthesia. It is possible to make appointments over the telephone, therefore the awaiting time is minimal. Our clinic offer free dental condition survey and treatment planning. We look forward to receiving your registration.

26 Pusztaszeri Street, Szeged | +36 (62) 451-567 |